This photo is © Lynda Gordon Photography

About Lynda Gordon

On the wall of Lynda Gordon’s home is a photo of two shy flower girls who once peeked warily around the door frame of a bride’s dressing room. Their hair is combed and neat; blush is powdered over their delicate skin and they wait for their imminent debut. Lynda’s trained eye spots them right away. She introduces herself but they reply only with a glance of their mascara-clad eyes. She asks, in a comforting voice if they’d like to pop on their pretty dresses. Once clothed, Lynda steadies her camera and, as she does, the taller of the pair leans down and pecks her companion on the lips. Click. A perfect photo.

Lynda-B&W“For me, it’s timeless moments never to be repeated, spontaneous and real that make an amazing photo,” Lynda says.

The creative’s interest in photography stems back to her teenage years when her dad, a hobby photographer, converted the family laundry into a darkroom in which to develop his photos. Lynda still remembers the stunning black and white photograph her father took of her mother, in all her 1970′s glamour, gazing out of their Pukerua Bay home window.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Lynda recently launched Lynda Gordon Photography from her current Hawke’s Bay base. Lynda’s collection of skills in her previous roles as a nurse, freelance artist, fashion designer and mother is evident in her work. “Whether they’ve got wobbly bits, had skin cancer, a breast removed or children, there’s so many women out there who refuse to have a photo taken because they think they are past their best,” Lynda explains.

“It’s my job to have them leave feeling like super models.” Lynda’s proficient talents are especially beneficial for businesswomen.

“If you get a great photo you’re increasing the chances of your phone ringing. When people come to me for professional portraits they are made to feel as comfortable as possible; that’s when I capture the sparkle in their eyes.” In the height of wedding season, Lynda is the perfect photographer to reserve for your special day.

With the help of son Jason, the pair takes away the stress of the day acting as unofficial ‘time keepers’ and ‘cool cucumbers’. “As two photographers on a wedding day, we know what each other wants and we pick up on the same situations so whoever’s closest will capture the moment,” Jason adds.

By paying special attention to the finer details, whether it be your wedding day, glamour portrait, professional Commercial/furry friend photo shoot or food photography Lynda will leave no stone unturned for that great shot; creating living memories for years to come.